Sunday, April 7, 2013

AV Voice Changer Software Review by Top Software Reviews


If you just want a software program to simply enjoy movies or music, there are millions; but if you want to do something totally different with them, Audio4fun’s AV Voice Changer Software can help. Let’s choose it and discover a whole new world of sounds and effects.

The Voice Changer Software is basically used to change the voice. This tool provides you with many useful features and special effects for voice reshaping. With just a few mouse clicks you can adjust every aspect of your voice file.

 Of course, there are some similar products which can do a somewhat similar job; but the uniqueness of this Audio4fun program is that it can help you do magic to the voice in almost every environment. You can simply use it to change the vocal in a music track to make the work more in your style; or you can change your own voice to play a little trick in chat rooms or online games; and you can even do dubbing with movies or video clips like a real editor. Flexibility and capability are Voice Changer Software’s main strengths and it obviously takes full advantage of these features.

When using this tool, users are encouraged to be totally creative and make a voice of their own style; but if you just want immediate satisfaction with no creative effort, just feel free to use the existing nickvoices. Inspired by movie characters or real persons, “nickvoices” are the ready-to-use voices. You can use the built-in ones or download many of them from Audio4fun’s online add-on store.

Audio4fun’s Voice Changer Software is quite a standout specialty among the numerous audio players available. However, it may be a little bit complicated for new audiophiles, who are just learning about timbre or pitch; and sometimes, the output clips have a few problems with noise. Generally the program is reliable and the nickvoices are perfect. They are all worth at least a try. Please visit for more information and to help you make a great decision.

-Uniquely helpful features
-Compatible with almost environment
-Supported with a store of nickvoices
-Works in Real Time

-A little complicated
-Not-always-perfect output

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