Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Software Review - VCS Basic


Download Voice Changer SoftwareThe Voice Changer Software line is specifically designed to alter any voice or audio recording in a controlled and creative way. Basically by making small adjustments to just two aspects of the voice, pitch and timbre, an impressive array of results become instantly available. The latest version offers a sparkling new smartphone-like interface and some internal programming improvements. The program has also had great success in providing vocal enhancements for online gamers. Now they can make their in-game voice more appropriate to the character they play; whether you’re a bruising warrior, or a diminutive magic fairy, with just a couple of clicks, your voice will become your character, and do it all in real time!                      Smartphone Skin -->
 <--Alternate Basic skin

The Basic version does not have all the bells and whistles of the Diamond or Gold versions, but it has the same core program, and offers the users instant access to unlimited creativity. Able to be used in any online activity involving your voice, you can impress, fool, joke with and generally entertain your friends with an endless variety of vocal alterations; in chat, in online multiplayer games, in instant messenger programs, for overdubbing, remixing, narration, and other studio-oriented activities. It offers many free, downloadable “nickvoices”, which are preset files that when loaded into the program, assist you in sounding completely different, and in some cases like a specific individual. Be sure to check out the massive online support files, as well as the terrific creations other global users have created and uploaded to share with everyone.

That is another aspect of this program series that sometimes goes unnoticed; the online community. Audio4fun maintains an ever-growing site filled with user content, user videos, audios, pix, jokes, stories, user-made nickvoices, and endless fun. The community is very active, very supportive and wildly creative; users will easily find hours and hours of entertainment and inspiration.

This program is a great entry level for anyone interested in voice modulation; gamers will love it for the boost it gives their presence in-game, and anyone who works with voice, narration, etc. will really appreciate the power and versatility of this program series.

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